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A report of the 2nd Memorial of Tadeusz Piotrowski

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7/8 October in Małe Dolomity complex which is situated In Polish Jurassic Hucisko we held the 2nd Memorial of Tadeusz Piotrowski – „The beauty of the mountains”. Our main guest – as usual was the wife of Tadeusz Piotrowski – Danuta Piotrowska. Mrs Piotrowska, together with Mountain Foundation ECHO is one of the initiators of the event.

In Małe Dolomity we were honoured to host Małgorzata and Jan Kiełkowscy, who have just finished working on the last volume of „The Great Encyclopaedia of the mountains and Alpinism”. Among speakers we had opportunity to see Janusz Skorek, Krzysztof Wielicki, Ryszard Kowalewski, Ludwik Wilczyński and Jarosław Gawrysiak. And Stanisław Pisarek revealed some of the plans for his Stapis publishing.

2nd Memorial of Tadeusz Piotrowski

The Memorial was begun by runners as for the first time an autumn edition of JUR(a)UN run was held. It was a 10 km long run conducted in two categories: for men and for women. After the main run, the youngest participants appeared on a starting line. It was the beginning of The Little Echozaur Run which route led through a young forest situated around the complex of Małe Dolomity.

Despite the rainy weather on Saturday the tent in which we had a chance to listen to our guests was filled with people. Lhotse was our main topic but although it was a very important mountain for Polish Himalayan climbers the speakers weren’t talking only about it. For example, Krzysztof Wielicki was also telling stories about Nanga Parbat. The audience could see photos documenting  climbing in Norwegian mountains, as well as in the Tatras. 

2nd Memorial of Tadeusz Piotrowski

On Sunday, we could compete in climbing competition which was led by GOup Climbing School. Traditionally, it was a symbolic ending of a climbing season in Polish Jura region. The competition, just like last year, was open to all participants, no matter their gender, age or level of experience. Because contestants participated in teams of 2, the age difference between them (in every pair) gave each pair extra points in a general classification. Others, of the same age, could also gain some extra points by putting some additional load while climbing. Even though, the weather wasn’t pleasant on that day, the contestants were full of energy and eager to compete.

2nd Memorial of Tadeusz Piotrowski

At the same time a meeting with Marta Naczyk took place. It was entitled “With form to the summit”. After that Karol Henning spoke about preparing yourself for trekking or more difficult expeditions.  Next, we could listen to IVBV guides – Ludwik Wilczyński and Marek Kazior, as well as a photographer Jakub Krawczyk. All meetings were organized as workshops, aimed to people who are interested in more practical side.

Next year we are going to organize 3rd edition f the Memorial. The “main hero” of this event is going to be Nanga Parbat. We would like to thank all fans, participants and guests for coming to the event this year and for supporting Mountain Foundation ECHO. We are prompting you to watch a photo gallery which can be found under a link below:


2nd Memorial of Tadeusz Piotrowski


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