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"Polish Winter Nanga Parbat Rupal Face Expedition 2013 / 2014 was led by Marek Klonowski, we have a partial services agreement with the team means that we will buy permit and make official arrangement for them in Islamabad.

fot: portalgorski.pl

fot: portalgorski.pl

Base Camp services or any services beyond Islamabad was not part of our deal.

All that happen after the accident in which Michal Obrycki and Pawel Dunaj were inquired services and help we provided was on humanitarian ground.

We gave a guarantee of 12000 US dollars to Askari Aviation to fly to base camp and bring the inquired people down to nearest city for medical treatment, two three days of waiting due to bad weather helicopter can not fly and the inquired need medical attention. So we manage to bring the inquired people down to Skardu Army hospital and treated them accordingly to advice of doctors and PZU insurance company back in Poland for more then a week.

All money spent and help provided by us during Michal Obrycki, Pawel Dunaj their stay for about two weeks in Pakistan for medical treatment were paid by us.

We also paid Tomek Mackiewicz for air ticket Skardu Islamabad and some pocket money to help him to cover his city expenses as he finish his money and he was badly need of money at that time.

Earlier we paid to Tomek hired guide Hameed to clear the bills related to rescue operation but Hameed until now did not gave any account back to us for the money we paid him.

We also paid the local porters 8 from ABC to base camp and 6 Base Camp to Tarshing for the help in rescue efforts, helicopter guarantee, transportation, hospital and medicine bills many more things we can not describe all right now. we paid all this money from our pocket and many weeks later we got back money from PZU insurance company.

We hire a local guide Fida from Tarshing Rupal side to accompany the expedition (as per the local law many climbers who visit  frequently Pakistan knows this rule) but Tomek ask for a guide name Hameed from Diamir Bunar village to accompany him. We charged a plenty of 100 dollars to Tomek for this change. Hameed was our ex guide but after climbers killing incident on Nanga Parbat Diamir Base Camp we stop using him (why it is a different long story)

Jasmine Tours is a license Tour Operators from Government of Pakistan and Tomek has options to make a written complain with evidence while he is in Pakistan recently. There is also Polish Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan who will be more helpful to him for any such allegation.  

We again would like to state that all payment related to Polish Winter Nanga Parbat Rupal Face Expedition is paid and clear.

We keep the right to claim the damages made by Tomek against Jasmine Tours in a court of law either in Poland or Pakistan"

Asghar Ali Porik
Trekking,Tours and Expeditions


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