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VII Open Climbing Days on 27th/28th May is coming!

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VIIth edition of Open Climbing Days is coming! At the weekend of 27th/28th May in Małe Dolomity complex in Hucisko situated in Polish Jura and on behalf of Mountain Foundation ECHO we will host great personalities of mountaineering world. We will be honoured to welcome Carlos Carsolio whose presentation will take place on Sunday.

To make you even more interested in his speech it is worth to mention that Carsolio was the last person who saw Wanda Rutkiewicz alive on the slope of Kangchenjunga. In Hucisko we will also have possibility to listen to Alex Txikon, a winter ascensionist to Nanga Parbat and a participant of the last winter expedition to Mount Everest. Alex, who loves coming to our country will be a star of Saturday evening. You will have a chance to see Marcin Tomaszewski, Ryszard Pawłowski, Andrzej Machnik or Andrzej Marcisz as well. And Grzegorz Gawlik will speak about his “100 volcanoes” project.


A little bit about visiting speakers:

Carlos Carsolio

Carlos Carsolio

One of the greatest Himalayan mountaineers and the biggest fan of Alpine style. His first eight-thousander was Nanga Parbat  (8126 m). He reached the top of Nanga on 13th July 1985 together with Jerzy Kukuczka and the Polish expedition. Since then, throughout the last 11 years he has been systematically reaching the highest tops of the world. At the age of 33, in 1996 as the first man from out of Europe and the forth in history he completed all 14 eight-thousanders of Himalayas and Karakorum. It is worth mentioning that Carsolio was the second youngest ascensionist, just after a Spanish Himalayan climber - Alberto Inurrategi. In 1995 Carsolio went to the top of 4 eight thousanders during one year only!

Alex Txikon

Alex Txikon

A basque mountaineer and Himalayan climber. First winter ascensionist of Nanga Parbat (he reached the top together with Simone Moro and Alim Sadpara). Up till now, Alex has stood on the summits of 11 eight-thousenders on his way to complete all 14 eight-thousanders of Himalayas and Karakorum. What is interesting, on his first expedition to Himalayas Txikon went in 2002 as a camera man with Edurne Pasaban’s team (first woman to complete all 14 eight-thousanders of Himalayas and Karakorum). Last winter Alex was fighting in very dramatic circumstances to reach Mount Everest without oxygen and he is sure to speak about that during his presentation. 

Marcin Tomaszewski

Marcin Tomaszewski

Polish Tatra and Alpine climber, a member of National Team of Alpine climbing, a climbing instructor, a mountain photographer. He is one of the best Polish big wall climbers in the world and the leader of a project “4  elements” which was established in 2009. First, the project was about staking off solo routes as the symbols of all four elements in four regions of the world – in Alaska (cold), in Patagonia (wind), in Baffin Island (water) and in Venezuela (tropic). The aim was to overcome the most difficult and the biggest walls in the mentioned regions. Then, the project was extended to a bigger number of climbing regions. Last year Marcin established a new route (TITANIC) on a legendary, north wall of Eiger.

Ryszard Pawłowski

Ryszard Pawłowski

A legendary Polish Tatra, Alpine and Himalayan climber. A climbing instructor and a mountain guide. He was a participant and an organizer of more than 300 expeditions in the high mountains. Pawłowski  climbed with personalities such as:  Jerzy Kukuczka, Krzysztof Wielicki or Janusz Majer. He is a five time ascensionist of Mount Everest and he did that as the first and only Pole in history. Ryszard Pawłowski is a member of a prestigious The Explorers Club. Up till now he has been active in the mountains. As a president of a Mountain Agency “Patagonia” Ryszard guides people to the highest peaks of different mountain ranges.

Andrzej Marcisz

Andrzej Marcisz

A doyen of Tatra climbing, an Alpine climber and a rock climber. One of the promoters of modern sport climbing. He has appointed a lot of new and extreme climbing routes ad made first and extremely difficult climbs without security. He has been participating and succeeding in climbing competitions both in Poland and abroad. In 2015 Marcisz managed to climb over The Main Ridge of the High Tatra Mountains which took him about 57 hours of an effective climbing. This was the first climbing with reaching all 384 named peaks and passes. He has remained active in the mountains and in rocks.

Andrzej Machnik

Andrzej Machnik

A Polish Tatra and Himalayan climber and a member of a Mountain Club in Gliwice. He has been climbing using many difficult routes in the Tatras. Among his biggest achievements there are: first classical crossing of The Great Chimney on the north-east wall of Mały Młynarz or first Polish crossing of superdirettissima on the north wall of Mały Kieżmarski Szczyt. He has been climbing in the Alps and Caucasus, he took part in expeditions to Makalu, Manaslu, Dhaulagiri and was a leader of an expedition to Kangchenjunga. He is an author of many books connected to mountaineering and articles in “Taternik” magazine.

Grzegorz Gawlik

Grzegorz Gawlik

A Polish traveler and an Alpine climber. He has visited over 60 countries on 6 continents. He is an organizer of solo expeditions, since 2006 pursuing his project “100 volcanoes” for which he was awarded with Andrzej Zawada trophy. According to Grzegorz’s idea at least half of the volcanoes must be active. The project is extremely difficult, competitive, explorative and scientific.

VII Open Climbing Days are not only about presentations.


Jur(a)un – 2nd edition

VII Open Climbing Days is also connected to 2nd edition of Jur(a)un. The trail, just as last year, will be outdoor and 10 km long. Every participant of the run will get a package with some surprises, a meal and a souvenir  medal. Fans of running in the forest with lots of ups and downs will be satisfied. The organizers are: Mountain Foundation ECHO and Masakratorrun.


Climbing classes with Climbing School GOup

Grzegorz Mróz – a verified and experienced instructor of Climbing School GOup  initiated a series of climbing practices held during Open Climbing Days. On Saturday there will be classes for beginners under the title “Is climbing safe?”. On Sunday you will have a chance to take part in classes about “building security positions”. Both on Saturday and on Sunday every participant will be able to rent Red Chili boots and test them in the rocks.

Jurassic Photo Team

Photo classes with Jurassic Photo Team

On Sunday everyone will be able to take part in photography classes led by a group of photographers of Jurassic Photo Team. You will have a possibility to learn how to take portrait photos and Jurassic Photo Team will make a photo report of this event.

Ryszard Pilch

Fundraiser for Ryszard Pilch

This year all profits from the event will be directed to Ryszard Pilch for his rehabilitation. Ryszard is an Alpine and Tatra climber who has been struggling with multiple sclerosis for the last 30 years. In the 70s he was one of the top mountaineers of Polish climbing community. Today Ryszard is hosting lojaci.org webpage where you can admire a great number of archive photos documenting the history of Polish mountaineering.

Hoping to have two days of wonderful atmosphere with sport competition in the background. You must not forget that VII Open Climbing Days is also a chance for children to compete. There will be The Run of a Little Dinosaur organized and a playground available throughout the whole event. We are planning a book fair, stalls of different brands, a possibility to test climbing and outdoor equipment and much more. The organizers of the event are: Portal Górski and Małe Dolomity complex. We would like to invite you to spend this undoubtedly exciting and interesting weekend with us in Hucisko!


9:00 – 13:00 – climbing classes for beginners with Climbing School GOup – “Is climbing safe?”. A chance to rent Red Chili boots and test them in the rocks.
9:00 – 10:00 – enrollment for the 2nd edition of JUR(a)UN
10:00 – The Run of a Little ECHOsaur (competition for children)
11:00 – 12:45 – JUR(a)UN run
13:00 – 14:45 – a meal break
14:00 – the premiere of the book  „Górska korona Polski”
15:00Grzegorz Gawlik’s presentation
16:00Ryszard Pawłowski’s presentation
18:00Andrzej Machnik’s presentation
19:00Alex Txikon’s presenatation
20:00 – the announcement of the results of The Mountain Portal’s contests: “Łap (za)dyszkę 2017” and “Mountain Calendar”; award presenting for the participants of JUR(a)UN; award presenting of Mountain Foundation ECHO
21:00 – the end of the first day of the event

8:00 – 11:00 – classes  with Climbing School GOup  - “Building security positions”. A chance to rent Red Chili boots and test them in the rocks.
9:00 – 11:00 – Photo classes with Jurassic Photo Team
11:00Andrzej Marcisz’s presentation
12:00Marcin Tomaszewski’s presentation
13:00Carlos Carsolio’s presentation
16:00 – the end of the event





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