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Sklep Górski is Portal Górski’s well-organized and easy to navigate web site for outdoor equipment. The store offers a huge assortment of professional outdoor clothing, footwear and gear for all those who enjoy active leisure activities and love being around nature. It is the sole distributor of Cousin Trestec and Kozi Kidz in Poland.

Cousin Trestec

Cousin Trestec

The French company Cousin Trestec is, according to their site, «a synonym for technical and professional reference on the rope market». Within more than 160 of its successful history, Cousin Trestec has made its name as a giant maker of broadly defined ropes. The company specializes in two kinds of products: high tech lines (deep-level drilling, military…) and first class ropes for a variety of specialist applications (yachting, canyoning, cave exploring, mountaineering, paragliding, kite-surfing…). Each year the company produces over 47 000 kilometers of rope and in Europe there is a huge braiding machine in which there are more than sixty thousand spindles. Cousin Trestec belongs to the Cousin group which is owned by Jacques Ferrant as well as the Cousin siblings.

Kozi Kidz, in turn, «is a range of Swedish-designed fashionable and functional outdoor clothing for kids from 6 months to 10 years». Launched in 2009, it is a fast growing children brand offering a variety of clothes and accessories no child will be indifferent to. The range includes interestingly patterned 100% waterproof rain jackets (Uggla, Koster), colorful base layers woven from popular merino wool, fleecy teddy bear all-in-ones (Nalle), and much more. All products are designed in Sweden with a view to enabling children to play outdoors whatever the weather.

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