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Kozi Kidz brand in Sklep Gorski

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We want the best the kids can get, and their health and wellbeing is our primary goal.
In the times of smartphones, tablets and computer games, providing children with an alternative way of spending their free time is more important than ever. The philosophy behind Kozi Kidz is to give the little ones comfort to stay outdoors in spite of weather conditions.

The Swedish design of our brand constitutes not only clothes in bright, interesting colours, nor the countless details which kids adore, but also detachable hoods, and numerous reflective materials that increase the safety of the young customers. Thanks to these, the parents can feel more at ease when allowing their children to play outdoors.

Kozi Kidz
Kozi Kidz

Kozi Kidz was launched in 2009 as a clothing brand dedicated for children between 0-10. Award-winning, interesting in design, Kozi Kidz products have quickly gained recognition among consumers and retailers in Britain and outside of Europe.

Portal Górski is an exclusive dealer of Kozi Kids brand.

more: sklepgorski.pl


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