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Summary of 21st Summit of Outdoor Business

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 July the 13th marked the conclusion of the 21st Summit of Outdoor Business in Friedrichshafen. Without a shadow of a doubt, the Summit is the most important event in the outdoor brand. From Thursday the 10th till Sunday, July the 13th, at Lake Constance nearly 1000 exhibitors presented their collections for 2015 spring-summer season.

The summit hosted over 20 000 visitors, including quite a few notable guests from the alpine world.

Having walked through 12 market halls, covering the space of 85 000 sq m, our first noteworthy regard was the astounding number of exhibitors. Each sport has a vast number of different brands, which compete against each other offering new solutions, designs and colours. Unfortunately it is very hard not have the sad feeling, that most of these models, brands and solutions never reach our Polish market or are extremely hard to come by. Which we cannot quite comprehend, since it is well-acknowledged and confirmed by what we heard at the Summit – the Poles are known for their love for the outdoor :) Hence, the target is here and waiting for the suppliers and their versatile offer.

Another relevant remark is that the outdoor has seen the last of dark, dull colours and vivid ones come onstage. This regards not only the clothing but also climbing and hiking equipment. This will certainly be most welcome among customers and 2015 might be nominated the year of colour in the outdoor brand.

Polish companies could also be found among the exhibitors coming from over 90 countries. As few as there were, it was still nice to witness a scent of Poland in the most important event of such a type. The beautiful place of Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance was visited by such Polish outdoor world representatives as:
- Fjord Nansen brand, owned by Szanti co. The brand boasts a very versatile offer – from outdoor garment, through underwear, to tents, backpack and camping accessories.
- Gatowalls – a manufacturer of artificial climbing walls, climbing holds and structures, operating on the market since 2001
- Milo Sport s.j. – manufacturer of outdoor garment and accessories for climbing and other outdoor activites
- Pajak Sport – manufacturer of garment and sleeping bags filled with down. The company also offers a choice of backpacks.
- Lyo Food – a Polish branch of German LYOFOOD GmbH brand. Manufacturer of lyofilised foods.
Apart from the exhibitors, we also met a great number of wholesalers, retailers and other Polish Outdoor representatives, which proves that this sector in Poland is currently expanding.
The traditional OutDoor Summit also hosts a number of conferences, panels at which current outdoor issues and chalenges are discussed. The lectures and meetings with the specialists covered such topics as: selective distribution, colours and trends in garments in the 2016 summer season, the needs of and target group identification as far as hiking is concerned, improving of working conditions in the distribution chain, up-to-date information on the Chinese market, the future of retailing, on-line marketing or sustainable development issues.

Another important part of the Summit were the presentations delivered at OutDoor Trend Show, where the next seasons’ desings, colours and templates were introduced to the public. These shows made quite an impression, and many of the attendants, including ourselves :) cannot wait for the season of 2015 :) The main goal of these presentations was to help the shop representatives prepare for the next season’s orders to the best extent possible. The same hall that hosted the presentations was also the venue for a bouldering competition, which was a part of the Deutsche Meisterschaft Bouldern 2014 championships.
In yet another hall, OutDoor Tent City, one could get acquainted with the newest solutions, as far as functionality, utilised materials and designs in the ten department are concerned.
To sum up, Friedrischafen Outdoor Summit is a must-see event for all the people who are interested in the world of outdoor, its newest trends and solutions. It also presents a great opportunity to compare the offer of the Polish market to the one available e.g. in the western Europe. Just like the ISPO, this Summit has just become an event in which will always mark yet another business trip in our tight schedules :)


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