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Cober - new brand of poles!

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Mountainportal.com is pleased to announce a newly started cooperation with a renown Italian company Cober. Founded in 1947 in Opera, just outside Milan, Cober has been in the outdoor business for more than half a century. The company was established by Renato Covini whose son, Flavio, is today’s General Manager of the firm.

While the initial production in the forties concerned a rather wide range of sports gear, i.e. ski poles, roller skates and tennis rackets, as years passed by, the company grew and started to focus solely on the poles. Today, Cober is the front runner in the field and provides poles for many different disciplines: downhill, cross-country, trekking, hiking and nording walking. What is more, the firm favours low-impact technologies and agrees to  EOCA (European Outdoor Conservation Association). Mountainportal is proud to be able to establish cooperation with such a brilliant partner and looks forward to bright future. 





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