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According to Mountainportal’s philosophy, you can proudly own a great pair of mountaineering footwear, but unless you have a pair of fine quality socks, you are not fully prepared for outdoor activities. An American hosiery company Wigwam has been dedicated to knitting socks for over a century and now their products are available via Mountain Store.

The company was founded in 1905 by Herbert Chesebro, Robert Ehany, and Lawerance Bentz in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. During its long-standing history, Wigwam has perfected their craft by inventing and patenting many innovative technologies (e.g. Wigwam Ultimax) and trying out different materials. As a result, today’s products of the company perform in nearly any outdoor activity and keep your feet dry and highly comfortable. 

Becoming an authorized distributor for Wigwam’s products is definitely an important step for Portal Górski. Feel free to visit Wigwam’s web page, www.wigwam.com, to learn more about our new partner. 





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