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„Ten-Thousander” Contest – results of the 2015 edition

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This year’s edition of the “Ten-Thousander” Contest has come to a close. The submitted expeditions were always inspiring, creative and diverse which made the choice of the best ones extremely difficult. 62 expedition projects were submitted, mainly relating to mountaineering.

The Jury consisting of Denis Urubko, Krzysztof Wielicki, Ireneusz Gosztyła and Wojtek Karnaś, over a long and hard dispute has selected three winners.

The Winner

The prize of PLN 10.000 funded by Sherpa company has been awarded to the following expedition:
Bezingi Expedition 2015- Mateusz Grobel i Damian Bielecki


A few words on the expedition from its authors:
“The Miżirgi Pillar – 5025 constitutes one of the last grand goals for the Poles in this valley. So far no Polish ascent has been recorded. The paradox is the history of the northern face of Miżirgi begins with the Poles (Chrobak, Łukajtys, Michalski) opening the first and one of the hardest of its time routes in the valley, through so called “Bałałajka”. The pillar hangs over the Miżirgi glacier left of the above-mentioned “Bałałajka” and it presents such a challenge that it has only several if not only few ascents at all. The denivelation amounts for approx. 1800 metres.
During the expedition we are planning to make a few acclimatisation trips and further “Polish explorations” of the routes in the valley”.


The second place was awarded to the expedition of Tomasz Buchalski called The Path of Life ”.. As a prize the contestants will receive a great quality mountain boots by Kayland.


A few words from Tomasz on his expedition:

„The Path of Life is not an empty slogan. It’s an expedition that occurs once in a lifetime and spins your life upside-down...”

Tomasz Buchalski, known by some as a Jolly Strider, in the company of a few friends is planning to cover the entire distance from Poland to Spain on foot! The route comprises such mountain chains as the Stołowe, Karkonosze, Izery, Łużyckie, Rudawy, Frankenjura, Bavarian Alps, Lechtal Alps, Ferwal, Retic Alps, Glarnen Alps, Pennin Alps, Lepontin Alps, Belledonne, Vercors, the Black Mountains, Pyrenees, Iberian Mountains and Canabrian Mountains...

Thanks to the gift from Kayland company the members of the expedition will be able to complete it in comfortable and durable Kayland boots. Additionally, this will make an opportunity to test them in a very harsh conditions.

3rd Place

The third place was awarded to Katarzyna Wiercioch and Hubert Jarzębowski for the project called “A Polish Footprint Through the Ring of Fire”.

As a prize, Katarzyna and Hubert will receive a Safe Return Insurance Policy funded by iExpert.pl!


What Katarzyna and Hubert have to say about their expedition:

"We wish to follow the path of Polish scholars, travellers and exiles into the mountains of Sachalin and volcanoes of the Kurilian Islands and set a route in commemoration of Bronisław Piłsudski in the East-Sachalin Mountains. We want to write a story on travellers of the past and the life of current inhabintants of those beautiful places.”

Konkurs "Łap (za) dyszkę" 2015 - wygraj 10 000zł i zrealizuj wyprawę swoich marzeń!


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