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Win the legendary all-terrain vehicle – Lada Niva!

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With greatest pleasure we would like to invite you to participate in the Mountain Portal’s and Mountain Store’s winter contest. This is going to be special in more than one way. Most importantly - the grand prize, which is what contests are all about, aren’t they? And the prize is… the legendary all-terain vehicle Lada Niva! Anyone can become its owner :)

Win the legendary all-terrain vehicle – Lada Niva!

The rules of the Contest are very simple:

1. Place an order in the Mountain Store for at least PLN 299. This can be done online via www.sklepgorski.pl or in our retail shop situated in Czeladź at Borowa 1 street.

2. Suggest an advertising slogan for the Mountain Store

3. Read the Statute of the Contest.

4. Submit contestant’s form.

5. Log into your Mountain Portal online account or register a new one.

6. Enter your data, receipt number and the suggested advertising slogan for the Mountain Store, confirm the form and wait for the results of the Contest!

The Jury will pick three most interesting slogans and the author of the best will get the Lada Niva! The other two authors will be awarded Rab Microlight jackets.

The Contest starts from March the 31st 2016 and the awards will be announced during the VIth Open Days of Climbing which will be held on May the 21st 2016 in Małe Dolomity chalet in Hucisko. One of you will be leaving that place in a brand new Lada Niva car! :)

Wish you the best of luck! 

Win the legendary all-terrain vehicle – Lada Niva!

Statute of the Mointain Store’s Contest for a Lada Niva vehicle

Created: 20:01, Nov 2nd 2015

1. The organiser of the Contest is Mointain Portal: www.portalgorski.pl.
2. Any person above the age of 18 can enter the contest, excluding the employees of the „Mountain Store www.sklepgorski.pl” and their families.
3. The purchases can be made via the site www.sklepgorski.pl or the retail store in Czeladź at Borowa 1 street.
4. The requirements for participating in the Contest are as follows:
a) placing a purchase for at least gross PLN 299
b) creating an advertising slogan for the Mountain Store.
c) the abovementioned slogan with your personal data and receipt/invoice number must be sent via this form.
5. In order to participate Mountain Portal registration is required.
6. Multiple slogans can be submitted by a single person provided that they make multiple purchases of gross worth at least PLN 299 each.
7. It is not allowed for the receipts/invoices of value below gross PLN 299 to be aggregated.
8. By submitting a slogan, its Author gives thereby their consent for the Organiser to utilise it without any limits and off-charge in grants a license to do so.
9. The contest starts from November the 1st 2015 and commence on the 31st of March 2016.
10. The appraisal of the slogans will be accomplished by the jurors chosen by the Organiser. The decisions of the jurors are final.
11. All winners will be notified on the jurors’ verdict.
12. The Organiser will grant one main prize and two honor awards. The prize is Lada Niva all-terrain vehicle. The honor means the competitor will be awarded Rab Microlight.
13. The prizes will not be subject to any switch or exchange for their value in money.
14. The prizes will be awarded on the 21st of May 2016 during the VIth Open Climbing Days organised by the Mountain Portal and Echo Mountain Foundation in Hucisko in Polish Jura (Włodowice community).
15. There will be no other option to collect the prize. In special circumstances, the prize can be collected by a person empowered to do so by the Winner.
16. Completion and submittance of the Contestant’s form is understood as an acceptance of terms of the Contest and its Statute, interpretation of which, should such a need arise, is made by the Organiser.
17. The Organiser reserves the right to cease or cancel the Contest.
18. The participation in the Contest constitutes the consent given by the Participant to the Organiser to process their personal data for the purposes declared in the Contest and the marketing goals of the Organiser as laid in the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 of August 1997.
19. The Jury consists of: Ireneusz Gosztyła, Bartosz Komoder, Wojciech Karnaś.
20. The participants must be adults.


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