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Lasting – Czech socks on the highest level

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Lasting company appeared in 1991 in Czechoslovakia. It happened because of the initiative of the group of experts in the subject of development and materials to produce functional underwear, but above all – high quality outdoor, sport or even hunting socks. Lasting exports its products to over 50 countries all over the world. In some countries the customers are national institutes or the army. The company is trusted by clients from around the world thanks to the production of high quality goods 100% made in Czech Republic.



Currently the company tries to reach to the biggest amount of sportspeople of the young generation. A very important matter is also the producer’s attitude towards ecological issues. Lasting cooperates only with distributors who guarantee operation compatible with recycling policy and the policy of ethical treatment of animals. What is more, the firm is constantly improving its production technology.

Lasting follows the latest trends connected to patterns, process and choosing materials which makes the products appreciated by a lot of international customers for their quality and practical aspect of usage.

The company and its products can be found on the biggest world outdoor trade fairs like ISPO which takes place every year in Munich.   

Lasting Socks

For over 20 years of existing the company has been specializing in producing socks. The producers believe that the most important for the customers are comfort and safety in extreme conditions. Lasting searches for better and more modern fabrics which are later tested by well-known sportspeople. Everyone can look through the catalogue of products available on a producer’s website. Lasting puts its effort to guarantee the comfort of dry feet, in warm environment, without bruises and blisters. Such state is possible to be obtained with using unique technologies during the production process.

And what are the most important systems in producing Lasting socks?

AIRCOND – a system assuring the right air circulation for the feet thanks to a combination of  a drainage canals in the whole sock to keep the feet dry and comfortable.

HARDTECH –  a system especially used in socks dedicated to be used in winter conditions. It gives two layers of protection and additional third layer in the areas which are under the highest stress. 

TRANSFOR – a system used in socks worn in warm weather. In the places of the highest stress the sock is strengthen with additional layer of the material. What is interesting, the socks can be used also in cold weather when they are combined with proper materials.

A basic feature of the socks dedicated to do sports, walk and take other physical activities is their maximum comfort of wearing throughout the whole period of using them. If we combine suitable boots with high quality socks we will provide ourselves with comfort and the right air circulation, as well as the best possibility to remove sweat from our feet.  These operations together with the fact that socks are strengthen in the areas of the highest stress minimize the risk of having contact with bacteria and the appearance of blisters or scratches. The technique of compression elastic material influences the regeneration of the muscles and a seamless technology makes the comfort of usage greater.

Lasting Socks

Lasting use both natural and synthetic materials to produce socks. It means that you can choose the most suitable socks for your personal needs.

As far as the materials are concerned, Lasting use the following:

SILTEX – technology enabling the best moisture transport thanks to 100% polypropylene microfabric and hundreds of small ducts which protect your feet from being too cold or too hot.

X-STATIC ® - a material combined with polyamide and silver. Thanks to using silver as a layer in the sock a magnetic field is created and it gives you better blood circulation as well as it decreases the number of electric discharges.

ISOLWOOL® - because of a combination of Merino wool and Meraklon polypropylene the sock is very resistant and very warm. It guarantees you heat comfort even in very cold weather. 

ISOLFIL® - it helps to maintain a stable temperature for your feet even  when the temperatures are changeable and takes the sweat out of the sock.

POLYCOLON  - it is responsible for keeping your feet dry by taking the sweat outside. It has ability to dry fast.

BB ACRYL® - it protects your feet, isolates them and keeps your feet away from blisters while giving them comfort,

THERMOLITE ® - the system responsible for giving you heat comfort as well as minimizing odor.

COOLMAX® - it gives your socks water resistance and thermoregulation on the highest possible level,

CLIMASENS – the combination of Merino and polypropylene which is lighter than cotton of almost 50%.

DOUBLE – light weight of the material influences the removing of moisture and guarantees great thermo isolation.

Lasting Socks

As you can see a sock doesn’t necessarily have to be just a piece of cloth. We often do not appreciate the features of the socks, we do not notice the connections between proper choosing the socks and using them. If we want to keep the highest visual standards with comfort and quality Lasting socks are an ideal solution. 



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