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Kayland and Bergans with Ryszard Pawłowski in the Himalayas

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Throughout the last years the outdoor market in our country has reborn. It is connected to the appearance of more and more latest collections of the world class producers of garment and equipment. Not long ago we had opportunity to inform you about the collaboration of a Polish Himalayan climber Ryszard Pawłowski with two foreign brands – Kayland and Bergans of Norway.


Kayland and Bergans with Ryszard Pawłowski in the Himalayas

Kayland is an Italian producer of a wide range of footwear dedicated to trekking and more demanding mountain activities. Kayland uses the highest quality materials available to produce its goods. Not to mention such technologies as: Gore-Tex or Vibram.

Bergans of Norway is a brand which has existed in the market of mountain brands for over 100 years. Bergans of Norway is a leading producer and distributor of outdoor equipment and special garments. In brand’s offer you can find lots of expedition, outdoor, mountain, skiing and hunting  garments, as well as fashionable lifestyle clothes. The Norwegian brand is also known for a great quality tents, mats, sleeping bags, backpacks or even canoes. What is more, people from Bergans have supported different expeditions and explorations all around the world and the products of Bergans are equipped in Dermizax membranes, which are an alternative to Gore-Tex.   

Ryszard Pawłowski has been testing both brands in harsh, Himalayan conditions. A Himalayan climber, who has been active in the highest mountains for the last 40 years has stood on the top of Ama Dablam for the 29th time in his career.

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