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Cecilie Skog – a Norwegian attitude toward highest mountains

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Cecilie Skog was born in 1974 in Alesund. In the past she was working as a nurse and a mountain guide. In our country her name is not very popular but it doesn’t mean that she isn’t famous around the world. In fact, she is one of the most well-known travelers and she has achieved a lot in the subject of alpinism and polar exploring. Her admiration for the nature and hiking is one of the main pillars of Cecilie’s life.


Cecile Skog / fot. Bergans.com
Cecile Skog / fot. Bergans.com

Among Cecilie’s successes are: reaching K2 in 2008, completing all Seven Summits (1999-2006) and getting to both Poles on skis. In Antarctica she was moving using only the power of her muscles, she didn’t use a dog sled and once she even managed to go across this continent. 

Her interest for the nature and travelling has started when she was a teenager. When Cecilie saw the beauty of the mountains she understood that her great passion was just born. With time, she raised her standards and often – while travelling or climbing - worked at the edge of her abilities.

As she says:

„ I do not dream about writing another chapter of the world’s history, I only meet the nature.”

„My journeys doesn’t need to be long or demanding. Everywhere I go, it helps me to think and gain peace. When I row a canoe or a kayak, when I climb a mountain or when I hike with my friends – these are the moments when I feel good.”

In 2003 Cecilie climbed Cho Oyu and tried to Reach Shisha Pangma where she stopped at the altitude of 7400 m a.s.l. In 2005 she was climbing K2 but didn’t get to the top. In 2008 though, she was the first Norwegian to stand on K2 summit. Unfortunately, she lost her husband then, he died together with 10 other climbers during the descend. In the last years Cecilie has published few books about her journeys. Nowadays, Cecilie is a representative of a Norwegian outdoor brand “Bergans of Norway” which for many years has been responsible for outfitting Norwegian travelers and climbers. You will find more information about Bergans under this link:


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