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A test of Kayland Spyder Low GTX boots

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Everybody usually starts preparing their equipment for a mountain trip with making a list of the most important things to pack. We start packing from the biggest and the most obvious items like: a backpack, clothes or boots and we finish with details like a sewing kit. Is there anything more important than a proper pair of trekking boots? Surely, there are people who would take their selfie-stick in the first place, or others that would take an ice axe for climbing Mount Czantoria. These are only exceptions that affirm the rule.

You can walk without a great jacket, trousers, cap or gloves. But it would be really difficult to walk in poor quality boots so you mustn’t ignore the process of choosing them. There are still people who wear flip-flops, trainers or high-heels on the most popular mountain routes in Poland and, of course, on an asphalt road these people will manage but not during a few-hour march in a mountain area.     


On the occasion of the year of being active in the mountains I had an opportunity to test boots of an Italian brand Kayland – Spyder Low GTX. The producer describes: “ Spyder Low are extremely comfortable and light footwear, ideal for overcoming the most difficult approaches in the mountains as well as using them every day or even while occasional climbing. GTX version is equipped in GORE-TEX® waterproof membrane. Extended Comfort version provides optimal temperature to your feet during warmer days and more intensive activities.”

I think, I can trust the brand which is represented by Ryszard Pawłowski himself, especially that – as he claims on his Facebook profile – he is very satisfied with the same model of boots. The boots also have Vibram Trek Buff sole and the inner sole is made of microporous foam EVA which guarantees optimal amortization.


Are the boots really so light?

Hmmmmm… for sure they are not heavy, they weigh only 430 g. My first impression was that the boots are solid and firm. During my first walk in Spyders I was a little bit afraid that they appeared to be uncomfortable. But with every step I was feeling more thoroughly that the boots perfectly fit my feet.

Are Spyder Low GTX boots comfortable?

I tested them in almost every area – in the mountains, on plains and I often wear them on a daily basis, I even drive a car in them. For me, Kayland boots are universal type of boots.


How was it to wear the boots in the mountains?

I was walking in the mountains in Spyders for the first time in early summer. But before I had been walking in them in some everyday situations so I wasn’t worried about the comfort of wearing them. I went to the Tatras on a sunny, hot, summer day so my only doubt was connected with GORE-TEX. I was afraid that my feet were going to boil, especially after walking 30 km. My conclusions are:
-    the boots did well on every type of surface,
-    the sole’ adhesiveness was very good even on slippery rocks in an exposed terrain,
-    it was a bit too hot so it’s better to use them in autumn or spring although, they are perfect for weather breakdowns in summer,
-    despite high temperature, my socks stayed dry – Spyders are airy.
What about plain terrain?

In Kayland Spyder Low GTX I also walked through easier routes. In summer I set myself on a longer hike where I could test the boots on a distance of more than 50 km. During the day the temperature went to over 30°C and I was too hot in my Spyder boots but after a whole day of walking my socks still stayed dry and my feet were not sweaty. All moist evaporated properly. The amortization of the boots was also of the highest quality.  


It was a clever solution of the producers to strengthen the front part of the boot. It can be useful when it’s necessary to climb in the rocks. And the sole is equipped in a plain tread at the front.

To sum up, Kayland Spyder Low are universal type of boots. They did a great job in almost every conditions. I didn’t feel uncomfortable even in frosty weather when I just put on a pair of warmer socks. But you must remember that this model of boots is not dedicated to winter hiking. Unless, we walk in the city jungle. There we can wear Spyders all year round! The boots are comfortable and they isolate your feet from outer conditions. Only when it’s very warm you will be hot in these boots but, let’s be honest, on hot days all boots would be too warm for you.

I can definitely recommend Kayland Spyder Low because they are solid boots from a reliable producer. This model can be bought for a reasonable price and often you can spot some special offers. 

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