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Ryszard Pawłowski – a report of the test of technical boots Kayland 6001 GTX

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It isn’t a secret that a professional needs professional equipment in his job. Ryszard Pawłowski, who has been active in the highest mountains of the world for almost 40 years could surely test any equipment connected to mountain activities. Lately, this legendary Himalayan climber together with the clients of his expedition agency “Patagonia” went to the Himalayas and then to the Andes.

He took with him and wore during the expeditions a pair of  technical boots produced by an Italian producer Kayland. They were 6001 GTX model. Here is what Ryszard said after coming back: 

“I had an opportunity to test Kayland 6001 GTX boots twice. I mean, on longer and more demanding routes, which gave me a chance to really test the equipment in difficult conditions. One of these opportunities happened during my agency’s autumn expedition to Island Peak in the Himalayas. There, in 6001 GTX boots I overcame a difference of altitudes from 5000m to almost 6200m and all the way through the boots seemed to me to be comfortable and solid. Although, I had them on for the first time I felt no discomfort and nothing pinched my feet. Second time, I wore the boots while climbing Aconcagua in the Andes. I was a bit afraid about my thermal comfort because the temperature there drops to even -30° C,  especially on the way right up to the summit. There, I started walking from the altitude of 5400m to over 6900m which gives a distance of at least 1500m to walk in both directions.      

Kayland 6001 GTX

We started marching very early in the morning. It was freezing but my feet weren’t cold. It was a sign for me that beside being comfortable the boots also keep your feet warm all the time. In 6001 GTX boots I spent almost whole day and they did a great job. In my first impression I thought that the inside boot was surprisingly thin but afterwards I had no problems, scratches or blisters. I noticed that thanks to using a modern type of the inside boot its flexibility on the bend of the boot is really big. That’s why the boots were so comfortable to walk even though, we were walking in freezing conditions with the wind blowing heavily and the temperature below -30° C. I lacked these type of boots during my recent expedition to Matterhorn. It’s a specific mountain and while coming up soft boots would be better than firm ones. 6001 GTX boots appear to fit my feet very well and for me, a great value of them is that the inside boot is laced. It gives possibility for the boots to suit your needs in different situations.  

Kayland 6001 GTX

I can’t say anything bad about the boots’ soles produced by Vibram. A good point is that the upper part of the boot is additionally protected with rubber so the possibility of getting hurt lowers. Kayland 6001 GTX boots are really modern and reliable.

Surely, everyone who reads this text would ask if the boots have any faults because so far I have been writing only about positive aspects. In my opinion, a small fault of the model might be the fact that the inside boot hasn’t got the proper grip. So, it’s difficult to hold the inside boot while putting it on. A better solution would be a kind of a strip that would give the user a better grip. The ones used in this model are hard to handle and it’s difficult to hold them especially when you are wearing gloves. So, that might be a small inconvenience. 

Kayland 6001 GTX

To sum up, I would reccommend Kayland 6001 GTX to any person who is a beginner about mountaineering and prepares himself or herself to walk in extreme weather conditions. Having in mind comfort, but most of all safety in the mountains, I will take the boots with me on my next expeditions."

With mountaineering greetings
Ryszard Pawłowski  





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