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Nordisk brand is now available In Poland

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Not long ago, a new Scandinavian brand appeared on a Polish outdoor market. Nordisk is a Danish producer of tents, sleeping bags, mattes, as well as other camping equipment. The history of this company goes back to 1901 when Northern Feather – a firm from Copenhagen was concentrating itself on producing items, mostly duvets and pillows filled with down and feather.



In the 70s the brand fully focused on outdoor equipment. Nordisk appeared and developed in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Great Britain. Although the brand is European, its products reached even Korean and Japanese markets.


First sleeping bags, which are one of the most well-known Nordisk items were manufactured in the 40s, their construction was associated with the form of pillows and blankets produced by the company in its first years of existence. The range also consisted of sacks with synthetic filling. 

In the 70s the company let first tents on the market. Nordisk was developing dynamically introducing more items like: backpacks, mattes or even kitchen utensils.


In 1991 few co partnerships were consolidated into one strong brand. Since then, all products have been appearing under the name Nordisk.

Throughout the years, Nordisk have been developing in the area of camping and eventually introduced cotton tents into the market. They are especially popular among glamping fans. Nordisk offer wide choice of cotton tents and some of them can accommodate even 25 to 30 people.    


Lately Nordisk has presented an ultra-light tent Lofoten. This is possibly the lightest tent ever manufactured as it weigh only 490 grams, so it’s lighter than a small bottle of water. Lofoten is also the smallest tent in the world after it is being packed into its original package.   

Nordisk products are now available in Mountain Shop and the offer will be constantly widened. It is a great news for camping and glamping lovers as both activities are getting more and more popular in Poland.  






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