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Nordisk brand is now available In Poland


Not long ago, a new Scandinavian brand appeared on a Polish outdoor market. Nordisk is a Danish producer of tents, sleeping bags, mattes, as well as other camping equipment. The history of this company goes back to 1901 when Northern Feather – a firm from Copenhagen was concentrating itself on producing items, mostly duvets and pillows filled with down and feather.


Ryszard Pawłowski – a report of the test of technical boots Kayland 6001 GTX

Kayland 6001 GTX

It isn’t a secret that a professional needs professional equipment in his job. Ryszard Pawłowski, who has been active in the highest mountains of the world for almost 40 years could surely test any equipment connected to mountain activities. Lately, this legendary Himalayan climber together with the clients of his expedition agency “Patagonia” went to the Himalayas and then to the Andes.


Cecilie Skog – a Norwegian attitude toward highest mountains

Cecile Skog / fot. Bergans.com

Cecilie Skog was born in 1974 in Alesund. In the past she was working as a nurse and a mountain guide. In our country her name is not very popular but it doesn’t mean that she isn’t famous around the world. In fact, she is one of the most well-known travelers and she has achieved a lot in the subject of alpinism and polar exploring. Her admiration for the nature and hiking is one of the main pillars of Cecilie’s life.


A test of Kayland Spyder Low GTX boots


Everybody usually starts preparing their equipment for a mountain trip with making a list of the most important things to pack. We start packing from the biggest and the most obvious items like: a backpack, clothes or boots and we finish with details like a sewing kit. Is there anything more important than a proper pair of trekking boots? Surely, there are people who would take their selfie-stick in the first place, or others that would take an ice axe for climbing Mount Czantoria. These are only exceptions that affirm the rule.


DMM – a tradition over everything else!


There is a place in Europe where there are more sheep than people and time is ticking away much more slowly than in my country. In the kingdom of Wales, in its north-west part Snowdonia - one of the most beautiful areas, a unique national park visited by few million tourists every year – is situated.