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Camp 1 on Kangchenjunga set!

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As Denis Urubko reports, Camp 1 on Kangchenjunga is alredy set! Read the latest news from the Kangchenjunga from D. Urubko and Adam Bielecki.

Plan of new route on Kangchenjunga

Plan of new route on Kangchenjunga

22 April
SMS KCHGA NF Expedition 2014:
I and Dmitrij in the Camp1- 5700m, tomorow will come guys. My best wishes for all friends on fb - Denis

20 April
Sunset of KCHGA
Purple Kancha above our camp. We feel Shambala. Everything is OK. We are waiting for the caravan. The day after tomorrow we plan to be on the slope of Kancha. I wish all the best, Denis

19 April
KCHGA NF Expedition 2014: Adam Bielecki - we are at 4760 m LHONAK, treking is amazing - the best present we had was the north face Jannu peak. Tomorrow the last day of trekking.We are all ok. Happy Easter! Best wishes, Adam.

17 April
KCHGA North Face Expedition 2014: Today we have relaxing day in the mountains, among rhododendron. Planned arrival to BC - 21th April. Denis Urubko.

16 April
Half way to the Base Camp. A good appetite, at the altitude of 3500m. We are waiting for the caravan, and next leave the jungle.. Denis.


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