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Wise man said the goals that are derived from mission based on passion yields the best results. When the website of Portal Górski is displayed, any room for doubt ceases to exist.

The site represents an activity brought by a society to a society. It gathers the enthusiasts of climbing, mountains and sports alike. Creators’ and viewers’ years of commitment yielded a result which is truly magnificent.

A place for everyone

Portal Górski is developed continuously. Anyone into climbing or outdoor will find here something of their interest. The site offers guidance - from advice on mountaineering to equipment reviews and original articles written by such authors as: Łukasz Dudek, Mirek Wódka, Roman Botsenko, Józef Pawlica, Tomek Mackiewicz


For those who love internet-based disputes, the Portal hosts an active discussion forum. Photography and beauty lovers will find their place in the largest mountain image gallery in Poland. As for all the bounty-hunters out there, a number of valuable prizes can always be won in the hosted contests.

The one and only

Interactive topography is a new, courtesy of Portal Górski feature that is addressed for active climbers. The Topo breaks the standards and shows interactive routes with detailed descriptions including current weather and commuting directions. The Topo even supplies information on child-friendly spots.


Speaking of children, Portal Górski also deals with the youngest lovers of spending spare time in an active manner. For example, one can find valuable advice on kids being the mountains. The creators of the Portal are wholeheartedly enthusiastic about living the life of adventure along with the youngest members of the mountain society.

Complete your equipment in the Mountain Shop!

Mountain Shop is the newest Portal Górski’s feature up-to-date. As one can easily deduce, Mountain Shop offers professional equipment and garment for climbing and tourism for people of all ages. Thanks to cooperation with many notable manufacturers, the Shop offers a wide range of interesting products. In the climbing department, it is worth to mention such brands as DMM, Edelweis, Five Ten, ROCK, OCUN, Pillars or Grivel. As far as tourism is concerned, Shop offers the products of such brands as: Deuter, MSR, Hannah, Julbo, The North Face. The Shop also is a distributor for Kozi Kidz and Cousin Tresec brands in Poland and is a branded outlet for English Rab and Czech Triop. In between garment and equipment, the Shop also offers Nikwax high-quality protective and cleaning detergents.

On- and offline convenience

Mountain Shop can be characterised by three main features. Firstly, the availability of wares in all sizes. A non-typical sizes is not a problem for the Shop. Secondly, the availability of wares itself is always displayed. When a certain product is out of stock, the Mountain Shop can ship and order the good free of additional charges. Thirdly, for the logged-in users the Shop offers its very low prices combined along with numerous special offers.

Last but not least, the Mountain Shop offers a considerable variety of products for children of all ages. Top-brand outdoor garments for the youngest - from the ones learning to crawl to youth.

Mountain Shop offers everything a traveller requires - regardless of their age. A comfortable and safe family hiking trip is now within a hands’ reach.



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