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The weather holds all the cards

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Recent news from Andrzej Bargiel and his Manaslu & Cho project:

September 11th

The morning greeted us with gloomy weather. Dense fog, heavy rain… The idea of getting up wasn’t very stimulating. Still, we had to pull ourselves together. The plan was to reach the first camp and stay there overnight.

Andrzej Bargiel
The weather wasn’t our only problem. My brother was feeling pretty bad and wasn’t strong enough to hike. We decided that the best option for him would be not to risk and stay in the base camp. The rest of us started preparing to set off without Grzegorz. We checked our equipment, waxed the skis and were ready to go.


We reached the #1 without any troubles. After an hour Marcin and Dariusz started the descent – they couldn’t sleep in the camp since they hadn’t done the acclimatisation yet. I stayed with Alex, a Spanish climber whom I met in the base camp. The evening dragged along slowly but finally we fell asleep.

Andrzej Bargiel

September 12th

We woke up at the crack of dawn. There was nobody but us in the whole camp so we didn’t rush and took our time to prepare.

I left the #1 at 10 AM and started climbing towards the #2. The idea was to climb as much as I could in order to finally do some skiing but after reaching 6000 metres I decided to turn back. The fog was so thick that when I stretched my arms I couldn’t see the hands… The only possible option was to put on the skis and carefully slide to the first camp.

Dariusz and Grzegorz were supposed to spend the night in the #1. When they joined me we put up the tents (the previous night I slept in Alex’s one). After preparing our camp I decided to go down to the base camp and join Marcin, who had stayed there alone. He had some problems with his knees and there was no point in pushing him to go.

September 13th

The weather got slightly better. Marcin took advantage of having more visibility and started shooting right after dawn. Meanwhile I contacted the guys in the #1. Much to my surprise it resulted they’d decided to continue the hike and set up the second camp. Without a second thought I took what I needed and ran uphill.

second camp

When climbing from the #1 to the #2 I noticed the terrain had changed significantly over the last couple of years. There were many new crevasses and icy walls. It didn’t look good at all.

Andrzej Bargiel
When I reached the second camp everything was already done. I rested for a while and then climbed a bit more with Dariusz to do some filming. We sparked a lot of attention among the climbers!

When we got back we received a… Polish welcome. It resulted that one of the members of an American expedition, Nick, was native Polish :)

Me and Grzegorz stayed in the #2. Dariusz decided to get back to the base camp.

Bargiel Andrzej and Grzegorz
September 14th

After a difficult night we got back to the base camp. Unfortunately there was no way to ski down. The weather was still playing against us. Taken the fog and the heavy rain it was too risky to go down skiing.

Right after arriving to the camp we were offered a delicious meal prepared by our irreplaceable Renzi. We ate it in a hurry and went to take part in the ‘Puja’ – a prayer ritual performed by Hindus to honour and worship the mountaineers and bring them luck.
Another grey day was close to ending…

all team

Talk to you soon!

Andrzej Bargiel (photos: Marcin Kin)

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