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Recent news from Andrzej Bargiel and his Manaslu & Cho project:

September 15th

Finally the day has come. The day of the long-awaited rest.

What’s important is that we all had the feeling that the rest was well-deserved. The last couple of days had been extremely hard and intense for us, so we could most definitely allow ourselves a few hours of lazing about.

Being able to do what you love (photo: M. Kin)
One of the main attractions (yes, it really was an attraction! :)) was the possibility to take a shower, which we all jumped at with greatest pleasure. For the first time the sun started to shine over Manaslu – we could not waste the opportunity to take a bath in the company of the warm rays of the sun.

In the evening Russell Brice paid us a visit – he is a climber and a Himalayan mountaineer from New Zealand, considered one of the best Himalayan guides, owner of one of the biggest agencies that organize expeditions. To put it simply – a one-man institution.

Russell keeps expedition statistics. We were happy to answer all of his questions, we each had a cup of tea and we asked him about the weather conditions. It was an interesting visit.

September 16th

We woke up early. After a quick breakfast Dariusz and Marcin set out to camp I, counting on taking some shots at sunset. Grzegorz and I stayed to recharge our batteries some more. Tomorrow I want to hit camp II, spend two nights there and go as high up as possible to acclimatise.

able to do what you love (photo: M. Kin)
The boys must have truly liked the sunset. Overcome by some sort of a photographic frenzy, they forgot to report back to us and we called them out in vain. :)

September 17th

Grzegorz and I woke up at 5:30 AM. We ate breakfast, packed our gear and set off higher up the mountain. By 8:30 AM we were already in camp I. Marcin and Dariusz were awake, of course – they just couldn’t miss the sunrise. They were over the moon when we said we brought them a delicious breakfast prepared by Renzi.

able to do what you love (photo: M. Kin)
When I was approaching camp I, I noticed a beautiful, snow-capped mountain nearby. The sight was so tempting that I asked the guys to take care of repacking and I set off at a fast pace towards the enticing summit.

able to do what you love (photo: M. Kin)

It took me less than an hour to get to the top. The view from the peak was breathtaking and, most importantly, I could see from up there the entire route to our main destination – Manaslu. Having analysed it briefly, I put on my skis and started to go down. It was an extremely pleasant ride! I felt like screaming when I got to the bottom! I missed it so much!

Being able to do what you love (photo: M. Kin)

Being able to do what you love (photo: M. Kin)
I joined the rest of the crew and we set off together to camp II. As agreed before, more or less in the middle of the route Marcin turned back and we continued, having to force our way through some wonderful but dangerous seracs. We got to camp II around 5 PM.

Andrzej Bargiel (Photos: Marcin Kin)

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