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The attack time!

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Lounging about in the base camp is not what we like most. Everyone just wait trying to kill the time that moves extremely slow. Some read, some do workout, others spend time in the mess. Sooner or later everyone gets bored, though.

Fortunately, the guys from the agency know how it is and so organised some contests: stone throwing, long jump, high jump, skipping… whatever one could imagine. We soon got pretty competitive! Me and Grzegorz excelled at skipping, the Sherpas were invincible in stone throwing. And we all had a lot of laugh!

fot: Marcin Kin/andrzejbargiel.com

September 22nd

Today is a very different day. You can feel tension and nervousness. The attack day is approaching. Everyone discusses the weather forecasts and plan the attack. The Spaniards opt for 25th of September, the Germans – a day after them, and some other expeditions prefer waiting till the end of the month. Each team has different plan, too. Some will pass through all of the camps, others will go directly to camp II, then climb to camp IV and attack. Fortunately, it all doesn’t bother me. My plan is very simple: base camp – summit – base camp.

fot: Marcin Kin/andrzejbargiel.com

The latest weather update brought by the Sherpas is as following: good weather should persist but our main concern should be a very strong wind in the summit area. We hesitate and delay the final decision.

September 23rd

We made the decision! The summit attack is on!

Here’s the plan: my team-mates set of tonight directly to camp III. There, they leave me some food and something to drink, have some rest and continue towards the summit. I set off around 10 PM local time and climb directly to the summit. The four of us meet right below the peak…
My goal is to beat the record time in the ascent and descent of Manaslu, set by a German mountaineer, Benedikt Böhm, in 2012. It means I have to be faster than 23 hours..

fot: Marcin Kin/andrzejbargiel.com

Base camp – summit – base camp is a real challenge, but I’m in high spirits.
Keep your fingers crossed and have us on your mind – it does give us courage and energy!
Let’s do it!

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