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Nanga Parbat Winter Expedition 2014/2015

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We have been informed that the base located at the feet of Nanga Parbat from the side of Diamir will host two expeditions . One, Polish-Italian consisting of Tomek Mackiewicz and Daniele Nardi with her partner, Elizabeth Revol. Nardi will officially be in charge of the team, but the final shape of the cooperation between the Italians and dr Czapkins will be resolved later.


The reason for this is that Tomek is thinking of taking on the mountain of his dream solo. There will be a common Base Camp and for certain they will support one another. One could say that soloing that mountain is a madman’s dream but such ideas surface so often that one can claim so every year, so this is nothing new, really.


Nanga Parbat Fot. Michał Dzikowski.

There is nothing else we can do but and trust Tomek and patiently wait for the first announcement or news that everything is fine.

The second expedition that made their plans public comes from Russia and consists of Nick Totmjanin, Valery Shamalo, Victor Koval and Serguey Kondrashkin – a very strong team indeed, but we know nothing more of it. 

Despite many attempts to acquire at least some hints, not a single word came from the Russians. Considering the stake, it is understood, as none wants to give away their vision of reaching the summit.

For now, none is approaching the mountain from the Rupal side. Who else might visit the BC at the Diamir side, who knows.

Now, for some personal comment…Tomek, we are with you all the way and wish you all the best. This is how the things will be over here for the next few months. Thanks to your efforts the Nanga is becoming more and more of a Polish mountain. The word about it has been spread even among those who know absolutely nothing about climbing.

Video from last expedition to Nanga Parbat:


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