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Happy- not- end 2014

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After the release of the book "Chasing the Snow Leopard" I found that I made two mistakes. Well... that is, mistakes are not just writers, but they will have to answer to me. With all the ensuing consequences. When typeset book "Chasing the Snow Leopard", with permission of Oleg Belyalov were used in his pictures.


He made some great shots during the installation of the Golden cross on top of the Orthodox Church. And then, when I was admiring these pictures, I did not find mention of authorship. To put it mildly, it was a shoal! It was a moral and ethical issue. I am afraid, as of fire, usually trying to solve. So, I apologized, and pulling his shirt". Wrote, insisted explained... However the big surprise was the response from Oleg to my letter.

In it, he warmly expressed a few thoughts on the topic of authorship "in General", and made a couple of tips on literature. As befits a true Artist - concise and precise task. That is, tried to keep my shaky faith in himself. Another surprise was that I had missed the "face" of the book. The fact that the cover was chosen postcard of the project in 1999. Mario Cornish and Simone Moro was sent to her friends from the cities, scattered across Central Asia. This cute Snow leopard that cute smiling 1000 copies with cover, was invented by Simona ...

And I did not indicate its authorship in the book. This woman is the niece of the lady of Kurnia, and speak Russian pretty well. So, here in the blog I write about how well that fifteen years ago she drew a mountain cat for sport project! Thank You, Simon! left lady Roseanne Curnis, and the right of Simon. This photo they sent me in support under the slopes of winter Nanga Parbat. And again have winter on the slopes of the mountain. Perhaps in the organization of the expedition to K2 has accumulated too many ethical "issues."

And now we have to solve them in a hurry. Not to change yourself to work in full force. What do we have? Some company somehow managed to cancel the Permit (official Definition) for all rules issued for climbing team of aliens to the top of K2. The team lost a lot necessary time, money and belief in the project. Was later found out. Despite the problems we have found the support of other agencies. And again, "hope the boys nurture" - we hit a hoof in the desire to catch up to the end of the winter. I would like to believe that after many problems (not going to tell you, so as not to take too much of the reader's time) we are lucky. And moral and ethical code of Cosmic justice will put everything in its place.

70 winter days, from wich 40 we can use for ascent. Reading lines of messages in Facebook, seeing the comments on his blog and on various websites, I feel that it is still configured on the ascent, full of strength and faith. Thank you, dear friends! I congratulate you with Christmas and happy New Year! Let everything that comes to pass, will bring you an unforgettable bright positive emotions and feelings! Let your moral and ethical intersections always coustum the right choice.

Denis Urubko





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