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Trainings in Albino with Denis Urubko

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Hello friends. I am living in Nembro (Bergamo, Italy) now. We can do some trainings together :) as you like. In commune's ORATORY of Albino (BG) after 01 of March 2015.

Trainings in Albino with Denis UrubkoWelcome, please:
Tuesday - 19.00
Thursday - 19.00

I am coming at 18.45. Will start on 19.00 for running trip, and room have too be close till 20.00. Than we can spend some exersizes from 20.00 till 21.00 on Stadium.
Entrance is free, thanks to mr Franco Acerbis and Comune of Albino.

Trainings in Albino with Denis Urubko
Than we can have other possibility for trainings in Climbing Gim of Albino (CAI) after 21.00 as additional. Payment as usual in section of Club Alpino Italiano.

I have hope to spend Saturday and Sunday in ascents and climbs together. With mountaineering courses some time in Polish Alpine Club sistem.


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