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Technical safety at the speedriding world record attempt on the Königspitze at Solda

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There is less than a month for the Italian extreme sportsman Armin Senoner to beat the existing Speedride world record on the prestigious Königspitze!

Together with his manager Bartolomeus Kohl the young athlete plans to break the existing speedriding World Record of the Frenchmen François Bon (146,46km/h – 91,006mph). Already in a few weeks Armin wants to fly down from the 3859 meter high Königspitze situated at Solda in the Ortler Alps with a speed of over 150 km/h (93,206 mph). Until then, Armin remains only a little time, but still a lot to do!

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On top of it stands safety, which has to be carefully considered in such a risky tentative. For this reason Armin spends more and more time on the glacier of the Ortler Alps, in order to get used to the extreme conditions of the height and at the same time try to better understand the mountain and its weather conditions. Important is also the feedback of the members of the mountain rescue team in order to estimate snow conditions as well as wind and weather conditions, which are important factors and are decisive for the safety of the training, as well as for the world record attempt.

Such a project requires not only good planning and nerves of steel, but also a large amount of technology. „Without the support of modern technology, Neil Armstrong would not have succeeded to walk on the moon ",states Markus Mair CEO of www.digitalalps.it, „that is why we will support Armins project with the best technology and electronics to make the world record attempt as safe as possible.“ Such a project would be unimaginable today without electronic assistance. The structure of a complex timekeeping at this altitude would be too dangerous, so Armin's speed will be measured with a special GPS device. Only the support of electronic devices allows Senoner to perform such trial on the mighty Königspitze.

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To provide the sportsman needed safety at his extreme intend not only by using modern Technique, the Alpine School Ortler, with a specially for this project chosen crew will grant for Armins safety. Crucial on the day of the record attempt, besides weather and snow conditions, will be the start. Once launched there is no point of return. From that moment on Senoner will have to face it all alone.

Olaf Reinstadler, mountain rescuer from the Alpine School Ortler, confirms the fact that it has to be a combination of skills and ability but also the mountain itself plays an important role which cannot easily be controlled. Vision, snow, fog and weather are not under men’s control and good luck has to be on the sportsman´s side. “Each factor which can be controlled will be inspected at our best. The hardest will be for Senoner to deal with the extreme and harsh alpine conditions on 3859 meter height and to be prepared physically but also mentally such world record attempt might bring along.“, explains Bartolomeus Kohl, manager of Armin Senoner.

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In less then a month we will see if the choice of the proper technology will bring the needed results, the excitement remains tense and thrilling around Armin Senoners world record attempt.


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