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Cementery Poprad Pleso

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To get to this cemetery, you have to go from frequented trail, leading to Poprad Pleso. Enter the forest, the path leads through the bridge, over murmuring brook. The sounds of the forest, the wind, the flowing water... World so different from the one on the asphalt road, running to the shelter. Different than this world somewhere down there.

And after a while you enter to one of the most beautiful necropolis, dotted with colored crosses, filled with winding paths leading to the top. Silence and mountain breezes of the wind. Standing there, you can see a huge wall of rock, bathed with sun's rays. It's an extraordinary thing, because you are in the shade, among commemorative plaques. As if that wall was part of the cemetery itself, yet is far away. It is an illuminated point that catches eyes.

There are hundreds of plaques, smaller and large ... embedded in various nooks and crannies. The only thing that makes us reverie, is the age of those to whom they are dedicated. Most to very young people. Standing on the threshold of his adult life, having dreams, passions and plans. Laughing and, probably many of them, in love. And suddenly it all ended. It is worth to go there, to feel another dimension mountains that we love so much. And to meet them there, that they weren't so anonymous.

Last year, there came two new plaques, dedicated to Tomasz Kowalski and Maciej Berbeka.

Małgorzata Klamra

Cementery Poprad Pleso fot. Małgorzata Klamra

Cementery Poprad Pleso fot. Małgorzata Klamra


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