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Men's Ski World Cup, which is going to take place in Santa Caterina Valfurva, on December 29, 2015, on the Deborah Compagnoni slope, the one dedicated to the Queen of skiing.


Here is a track worth its name. A slope that makes you dream, the one able discover a champion. Deborah Compagnoni says: "For me it is a journey back to my childhood, when I played with my brother Yuri and I hid in the woods, near the rocks. And I remember when I faced my first difficulties with skiing. This mountain was my teacher. Here, with the help of my father, Giorgio, I learnt the fundamental techniques that made me win the World Cup, the World Championships and the Winter Olympics." Yes, Deborah has a special bond with the track she inaugurated in 2005.

Of course she is a champion, she knows the difficulties of skiing, even though she was able to experience speed only in the first years of her career, due to her injuries. This slope was created to host the Women’s World Championships in 2005, when two extraordinary champions - the Swedish Anja Pearson and the Croatian Janica Kostelic - grabbed the five gold medals. Italy managed to get on the podium thanks to Elena Fanchini, silver medal in DH, and Lucia Recchia, silver medal in super-G. Those were days full of magic, days that showed the full potential of
the track, which has also been the theatre of many FIS races and of several Italian championships.

Programme, source:bormioonline.com

Programme, source:bormioonline.com

Technically the Deborah Compagnoni is a complete track, with one of the greatest vertical drops of all the World Cup races: 1005 m with a full range of difficulties. Six jumps, compressions, bumps in several bends, light changes and extreme speed. There’s enough to create a true champion and guarantee the best possible show.

Characteristics of the race track
Start: 2750 m
Arrival: 1745 m
Vertical Drop: 1005 m
Length: 3100 m


THE DEBORAH COMPAGNONI TRACK, source:www.bormioonline.com


Mountains, slopes, snow, sun. The marriage between Valtellina and skiing is just natural. In this land, in the northest part of Lombardia, this kind of sport has written important pages of its history and brought up legendary champions like Deborah Compagnoni. The upper part of the valley is a natural theatre of snow and the birth of the legendary tracks like the Stelvio in Bormio and the Deborah Compagnoni in Santa Caterina Valfurva is just the logical consequence of tradition and culture that sooner of later lead all children in Valtellina to experience the thrill of speed.

The mountains have always been there and represent the natural stage of two of the most exciting downhill races in the world. The Stelvio slope in Bormio was inaugurated in 1982 with the first edition of the World Series. That big event was just an appetizer of the World Championships hosted in 1985. That was a memorable edition, which made a legend of the Swiss champion Pirmin Zurbriggen. A difficult, tiring track with all the difficulties a jet man can find when racing down at a speed of more than 100 km/h. Soon, Stelvio became a "temple" for all the racers. It became the slope providing a value system of the best racers in terms of technique and courage. A steep slope where you can make mistakes and recover, but where you never win by chance.

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Source: http://www.bormioonline.com/


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