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VI Open Climbing Days and IV Memorial of Paweł Wyrwa

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This year ECHO Mountain Foundation is glad to invite all the enthusiasts of mountains, Jura and climbing to the 6th edition of Open Climbing Days! In our program, as traditionally, there are interesting meetings with alpinists planned, IV Memorial of Paweł Wyrwa, 10 km run, climbing activities for beginners and many more surprises. This year we are meeting on 21 and 22 May in Hucisko in Polish Jura. A detailed program of the event you can find below.


The program of VI Open Climbing Days


IV Memorial of Paweł Wyrwa and 10 km JUR(a)UN

8.00 – opening of the office of the competition of IV Memorial, JUR(a)UN and the opening of a Mountain Shop

8.00-9.20 – the enrollment for the Memorial of Paweł Wyrwa

8.00-10.00 – the enrollment for JUR(a)UN

9.30-9.45 – welcoming of the competitors of the Memorial

10.00-10.30 – the Run of a “Forest Leprechaun” – a run for children

10.15-10.45 – transportation of the participants of  JUR(a)UN to a starting line

11.00 – the beginning of JUR(a)UN

13.30 – estimated ending of JUR(a)UN

13.45 – award presenting for the participants of JUR(a)UN

17.30 – the ending of the Memorial

21.00 – the announcement of the results of the Memorial and the online contests of The Mountain Portal

22.00 – the ending of the first day of the event


15.00-16.30 Bob A. Schelfhout

16.30-17.30 Sandy Allan

17.30-18.30 Jarosław Gawrysiak

18.30-19.30 Ryszard Pawłowski

19.30-21.00 Simone Moro



10.30-11.00 – rally for the beginners and people willing to try rock climbing

11.00-15.00 – climbing classes and climbing activities for beginners led by the instructors of a Climbing School GoUp

11.00-15.00 – photography classes with Bob A. Schelfhout

11.00-15.00 – yoga classes

10.00-15.00 – a possibility to rent Red Chili boots and test them in the rocks

Classes for children

10.00-13.00 – recreational climbing for children with instructors of a Climbing School „Żyj aktywnie” – available for all keen children after setting it with the instructor 

13.00-16.00 – a trip with a guide

IV Memorial of Paweł Wyrwa

Traditionally, a steady point of Open Climbing Days is the Memorial of Paweł Wyrwa, a climbing competition  in the rocks of Rzędkowice, Podlesice, Mirów, Okiennik Wielki, Mount and the rocks: Apteka, Biblioteka, Jastrzębnik. The main aim of the competition is honoring of our Friend – one of the best Polish sport climbers who, in 2011, died of cancer. We would like to invite everybody to competing and reminiscing of Pawel. More information about the Memorial and the enrollment you can find on www.pawelwyrwa.pl.


JUR(a)UN – a jurassic 10 km run (the run and Nordic Walking)

This year, for the first time we are happy to invite you to a running and Nordic walking competition. The basic run will cover the distance of 10 km, and its route will lead among breathtaking hills and rocks of Podlesice, Rzędkowice and Hucisko. Additionally, at 10 am we want to invite all the children to a Run of a “Forest Leprechaun”. Its distance covers 200 m. All details of the competition you can find here. 


The guests of Open Climbing Days

Simone Moro – an Italian climber, alpinist, Himalayan climber. The first person to reach four eight-thousanders in winter – Shisha Pangma, Makalu, Gasherbrum II, Nanga Parbat.


Sandy Allen – in 2012, in 18 days, together with his partner Rick Allen Sandy reached for the first time the unreached until then Mazeno Rige ridge on Nanga Parbat.


Ryszard Pawłowski – the member and the organizer of more than 300 expeditions in high mountains. For five times Ryszard reached Mount Everest (as the first and the only Pole he made so many ascends). He is also a member of The Explorers Club.


Jarosław Gawrysiak – the participant of Polish Winter Himalaism project, whose aim is to reach the unreached in winter eight-thousanders of Karakorum. For five times he participated in Himalayan expeditions to Ama Dablam, Nanga Parbat, Winter Broad Peak, Manaslu, Broad Peak Middle, Mount Everest and Lhotse.


Bob A. Schelfhout Aubertijnhis adventure with the mountains he began as he was a little boy, thanks to his fascination for minerals. A collector of mountain literature. He works as a consultant and a historian of the himalaism, as well as, cooperates with Bernadett MacDonald while creating his books. As for his mountain adventures he assailed with K2.


Climbing classes and climbing activities for beginners led by the instructors of a Climbing School GoUp

On Sunday morning we invite you to climbing classes with the instructors of GoUp School. Every person who takes part in the classes will have the opportunity to see the world from a little different perspective and go through their first real climbing route. We begin at 11 on Sunday,22nd May.

During classes, thanks to Camper company you will have a possibility to rent Red Chili climbing boots and test them in the rocks. To participate in classes you have to sign the acknowledgement which you will be able to get from the instructor. The classes are available both for adults and children.


Recreational climbing for children with instructors of a Climbing School „Żyj aktywnie.pl” and Phoenix-Active.pl

Also on Sunday, at 9 am we invite all the children to climb! The instructors of Climbing School „Żyj aktywnie.pl” and Phoenix-Active.pl will take the children to the rocks of Rzędkowice where the youngest participants of the event can try themselves out in rock climbing. The classes are available to all keen children after setting them with the instructor.


Mountain Shop

On the occasion of VI Open Climbing Days  Mountain Shop has prepared great offers in a newly-opened shop located in the area of the Małe Dolomity Complex.


Fund raiser for Dorotka

During Open Climbing Days and the Memorial of Paweł Wyrwa we will have a fund-raiser for Dorotka who suffers from glaucoma. Despite the treatment in Children’s Health Centre, ophthalmic procedures and regular usage of 3 cures, the pressure in the girl’s eye is still higher than it should be. It causes growing of the eye, which, as a result presses the optic nerve.


The venue

VI Open Climbing Days takes place on 21 and 22 May 2016 in Hucisko (2 km from Rzędkowice, Silesian voivodship) in the area of Małe Dolomity Cemplex. Rzędkowice is situated 12 km North of Zawiercie and in the very heart of Polish Jura.

We would like to invite you all to meet up and we hope to see you there!

Written by Wojciech Karnaś

Translated by Karolina Andrzejewska


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