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VI Open Climbing Days – the report

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The weekend between 21st and 22nd May was filled with emotions provided by the event that was impatiently awaited by all of us. At this time in Hucisko in Polish Jura VIth edition of Open Climbing Days took place together with IVth edition of Paweł Wyrwa Memorial and Ist edition of Run Jura).

The venue for this event was newly-made complex Małe Dolomity which stands for: a pension house, a mountain shop, a campsite, a parking lot for camper vans, climbing school and greatly prepared recreational area around. Here people had a chance to take part in meetings with wonderful guests, as well as sign up to Run Jura contest and climbing competition.

Paweł Wyrwa

Paweł Wyrwa

Undoubtedly, the most important moment of the event was a visit of the first (together with Muhammad Ali Sadpara and Alex Txikon) winter summiter of Nanga Parbat, Italian Himalayan mountaineer Simone Moro. His speech was attended by many (as for this region) listeners who were also able to see a very interesting material – photos and videos - about reaching Nanga Parbat. During Open Climbing Days we could also see and listen to Bob A. Schelfhout Aubertijn (a living human-encyclopedia of the world Himalayan climbing who was speaking about K2 and its history) or Sandy Allan (a Scottish climber and a mountain guide who has achieved to walk along Mazeno Ridge on Nanga Parbat).

Bob A. Schelfhout Aubertijn i Sandy AllanBob A. Schelfhout Aubertijn i Sandy Allan

The attitude of all the speakers should be considered as very respectful for the audience. Everyone who was willing, could talk to them, take a photo, get an autograph. Simone Moro and Bob A. Schelfhout Aubertijn said that they were really impressed with how they were treated in Poland. Simone Moro, after his lecture got a never-ending standing ovation and definitely won people’s hearts by saying a lot of positive things about Polish climbers, both those from the past, and these from current times. A touching moment was when Simone mentioned his winter ascend to Shishapangma together with Piotr Morawski and concluded his speech by saying: “Polish people started the history of Himalayan mountaineering, they have written this beautiful story and now they should close it with reaching K2.”

Prelekcja Simone MoroSimone Moro

Prelekcja Simone Moro

Prelekcja Simone Moro

We should not forget about our great guests (and lecturers) present on VI OCD: Ryszard Pawłowski and Krzysztof Wielicki, or Mr Jan Kiełkowski and Mrs. Małgorzata Kiełkowska. You were also able to meet: Janusz Majer, Kacper Tekieli, Tamara Styś-Załuska, Jarosław Gawrysiak, Jacek Teler, Danuta Piotrowska, Janusz Gołąb, Andrzej Marcisz, Artura and Renata Małek and other personalities of the mountain world.

Simone Moro, Danuta Piotrowska, Krzysztof Wielicki, Ryszard Pawłowski'Simone Moro, Danuta Piotrowska, Krzysztof Wielicki, Ryszard Pawłowski

Wizyta Państwa Jana i Małgorzaty KiełkowskichWizyta Państwa Jana & Małgorzaty Kiełkowskich

Artur Małek i Sandy AllanArtur Małek, Sandy Allan

Danuta Piotrowska i Stanisław PisarekDanuta Piotrowska, Stanisław Pisarek

Nevertheless, VI OCD is not only great guests and outstanding atmosphere but also climbing competition of the IVth edition of Paweł Wyrwa Memorial and Ist Run Jura contest. The Memorial, as every year took place in the rocks of Polish Jura in Rzędkowice, Podlesice, Mirowa, Okiennik Wielki, Apteka, Biblioteka and Jastrzębnik. The main aim of the competition was, of course, honouring Paweł Wyrwa, our great friend, one of the best sport climbers, who in 2011 died of cancer.

Uczestnicy "Biegu Leśnego Skrzata"

Medale pamiątkowe biegu "Run Jura"

Bieg "Run Jura"

Bieg "Run Jura"

More than 50 competitors took part in the run. They had to compete on an off-road trail. The main run took 10 km and its trail was organized among beautiful hills and rocks of Podlesice, Rzędkowice and Huciska. What is worth mentioning, in the run which, as we hope, will become an annual tradition competed Simone Moro himself. He was really pleased and satisfied with his participation. A moment earlier the youngest competitors of the event ran and won in 200 m long “Run of a Forest Leprechaun”.

Bieg "Run Jura"

Bieg "Run Jura"

Bieg "Run Jura"

The run was not the only attraction prepared for children. They listened to a speech about Jura and were participants of the action of cleaning Jura rocks. The action was supported by teachers and students of a technical school under the name of Ksawery Dunikowski in Zawiercie and Mrs. Agata Ptasińska and Mrs. Katarzyna Kasprzyk, who were highly engaged in helping and promoting ECHO foundation. All the kids could try recreational climbing with the help of experienced instructors of a Climbing School “Żyj Aktywnie” and Phoenix-active.pl. Adults could try climbing with instructors of a Climbing School GOUP, as well as rent and test Red Chilli boots by Camper.

Fundacja Wspierania Alpinizmu Polskiego im. Jerzego Kukuczki

Jarek Moszczak na stanowisku Fizjoterapii Interwencyjnej

Stanowisko Himal Sport

Lhotse również razem z nami

Everybody could support The Mountain Foundation ECHO, which was the main organizer of the whole event, followed by Portal Górski, Climb.pl, Leśne Run, Żyj-aktywnie.pl (climbing wall Jasna), Phoenix-active.pl, Go-Up, and Małe Dolomity complex. The Foundation of Supporting Polish Alpine climbing under the name of Jerzy Kukuczka was also present during Open Climbing Days. It would, for sure, be most difficult to organize everything if not for the sponsors: Cousin, Kayland, Vipole, Providius, North Moon, Heart Beat, Julbo, Scarpa, Grivel, Gadd.pl or mountain shop Pamir. The light of attention should also be put on media patronage: “n.p.m.” magazine, Taternik, Góry Online, Brytan.com.pl, Kukuczka Foundation, Góry Książek and On the Summit. Thanks to them a lot of mountain fans had a chance to get to know about Open Climbing Days.

Prawdopodobnie najmłodszy uczestnik VI ODW

Podczas VI ODW można było spędzić noc na polu namiotowym wchodzącym w skład całego kompleksu

Podczas wywiadu z Simone Moro (już niebawem na łamach PG)

There were also stalls with great positions of literature about mountains prepared by Stapis Publishing and „Filar” – a shop with second hand books, not to mention recognized even from far away stand of Kukuczka Foundation. What is more, tired climbers, runners and all other participants could relax in Interventional Physiotherapy point with the help of a professional physiotherapist Jarek Moszczak. We had Olga Nabrdalik from Lhotse who supported winners of the Memorial with prizes and whose equipment is possible to be bought in Mountain Shop. Wonderful weather was a great background for consuming some fine-prepared, grilled food available outside the building or drinking cool, refreshing beer. On Sunday the passionate of photography could take part in a photography workshop led by Bob A. Schelfhout Aubertijn together with Danuta Piotrowska. The basic subject of the workshop was, of course, mountain photography. There was also something interesting for yoga fans. People keen on this form of activity could take part in classes led by Sebastian Dudek. During the whole event we had a fund-raiser for little Dorothy who suffers from glaucoma. Unfortunately, her treatment is connected with an expensive operation which can be carried out only abroad. All collected money (and we could raise 1.341,78 zloty) was given to Dorothy’s parents. We want to thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for your support and generosity.


We want to thank you for your presence on Open Climbing Days in Hucisko, and the organizers, sponsors, media patronage, exceptional guests for their contribution in the success of the event. You have to believe when we say that people in far away corners of the world have heard about Hucisko. We hope and count that next events like that will attract a lot of mountain, climbing and running fans. We already invite you to take part next time! See you soon!

Photo gallery of VI Open Climbing Days

Photo gallery of a reception after the first day of the event

Photo gallery of I Run Jura

Under this link you can find complete set of results of Jura Run competition and soon we will publish the coverage from IV Memorial of Paweł Wyrwa.

editing Bartek Andrzejewski

translation: Karolina Andrzejewska


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