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„Piękno gór – the beauty of the mountains – K2. The memorial of Tadeusz Piotrowski” – the coverage

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We are after a great premiere. The weekend of 08/09.10.2016 in Polish Jura was the centre of a new and – for sure – from now on annual event devoted to the mountain people. “Piękno gór – the beauty of the mountains” is all about the highest mountains and it’s first edition was fully concentrated on an unreached in winter eight-thousander – K2. The event took place thanks to the Mountain Foundation ECHO, Mountain Portal and the complex “Małe Dolomity” in Hucisko.

Saturday was the day of presentations connected to K2. On Sunday, as a part of saying farewell to the climbing season in the rocks of Rzędkowice people took part in the first competition of the memorial of Tadeusz Piotrowski.

Tadeusz Piotrowski together with Jerzy Kukuczka in 1986 marked out a new route to K2. The expedition was successful, the climbers reached the top but unfortunately later on a tragedy happened. For a great and talented climber – Tadeusz Piotrowski it was his first and at the same time his last eight-thousander. Tadeusz fell into a gulf during descending.

Among speakers on Saturday we had a chance to hear Danuta Piotrowska (the wife of Tadeusz Piotrowski), Ryszard Pawłowski and Krzysztof Wielicki (they both reached K2 in 1996), as well as, Jerzy Natkański and Piotr Tomala (the participants of the last K2 preparatory expedition). The subject of the Karakorum giant took over 4 hours of presentations which were given in a huge tent put up especially for this event.  The weather, however, was not supportive on that day. It was rainy, windy and cloudy all the time but despite that there was not a single obstacle for listeners to fill the tent up to its ceiling.

At the beginning we heard the presentation of Ryszard Pawłowski who spoke about his success from 20 years ago. At the end we also saw a film documenting the Poles’ success.
Danuta Piotrowska – the wife of Tadeusz Piotrowski – was the second speaker. She described his husband not only as a K2 climber but also as a talented and a long-time mountaineer. The listeners could also see the unpublished photos. A very joyful and important news for people was that Danuta Piotrowska together with Stanisław Pisarek (StaPis publishing) are planning to publish another, after “K2. In Memoriam Tadeusz Piotrowski” book/album. This time we will get to know the story of an expedition to Lhotse organized by Andrzej Zawada in 1974. The expedition in which Tadeusz Piotrowski also took part.

Next, Jerzy Natkański and Piotr Tomala spoke about the background of their preparatory expedition which took place this year. Because of different circumstances the top of K2 stayed unreached for them. However, the participants of the expedition had an opportunity to collect a lot of interesting video and photo material.,’

At the end, Krzysztof Wielicki told his story of conquering K2. This magnificent Polish mountaineer caught the attention of the listeners from the very first minutes of his presentation. The audience applauded.

The next day was dedicated to the first official memorial of Tadeusz Piotrowski and a climbing competition took place. The stage of the participation was The Alp of Lechofer situated in the Rocks of Rzędkowice. The participants had to climb the traverse of the Alp of Lechofer using aid climbing technique. Tadeusz Piotrowski was a champion in this technique and that is why that kind of competition was organized to honour his memory. The participation was timed and an extra difficulty for the contestants was the fact that they couldn’t use climbing boots. The time was counted from the moment of touching the rock by the first participant from each team until the moment of reaching the ground by the whole team.

Finally, the fastest team was Anna Dąbrowska and Marek Grissbach who won the first prize. The second place took Karol Strzyż and Dominik Cysewski and the third – Tomasz Kolarczyk and Tomasz Szymula.

One of the participants was additionally prized for his extraordinary fighting spirit and engagement. It was an anonymous climber from Leszno hidden under the nickname “The White Indian”. The decoration of the winners took place in the area of Małe Dolomity complex and the prizes were handed by Danuta Piotrowska, Olga Nabrdalik, Ireneusz Gosztyła and Grzegorz Mróz from “GoUp” Climbing School. The prizes were: 1st place – climbing rope made by Cousin Trestec, 2nd place – Alpidex quickdraws , 3rd place – book “K2. In Memoriam Tadeusz Piotrowski” . Every participant of the competition got black and white photo from Tadeusz Piotrowski’s expeditions. The pictures were prepared especially for this occasion by Danuta Piotrowska herself.

People who came to the event could buy climbing and outdoor equipment, as well as the latest collection of a prestigious brand Bergans of Norway in the Mountain Shop located in the area of Małe Dolomity complex.  As far as Bergans of Norway is concerned, Ryszard Pawłowski has lately become the face of their products.

Thank you for great meetings and your participation in the event. Next year we will meet again in the very heart of Jura Region to admire “The beauty of the mountains”. We would also like to invite you to the VIIth edition of Open Climbing Days and the Vth Memorial of Paweł Wyrwa which are going to take place in May 2017.

Organizers: Fundacja Górska ECHO, Portal Górski, Małe Dolomity
Media patronage: N.p.m., Taternik, Góry, On the Summit, Fundacja Kukuczki, Climb.pl
Partners: Sklep Górski, StaPis, GoUp, HeartBeat

Karolina Andrzejewska


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