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Alex Honnold - Interview for Mountain Portal

Alex Honnold

Alex, welcome to Poland. Is this your first visit here?

No, to be honest, this is my second visit in Poland. But, it might be interesting that I have some roots in your country. My grandparents were both Poles and my mother speaks a little bit of Polish too. I, on the other hand, don’t know many words in your language, it’s very difficult, so I only know: na zdrowie and some nasty word which I can’t use right now. And how to say: “come on!” in your language? Is there anything similar? Is it like: “Dawaj, dawaj!”?


A report of the 2nd Memorial of Tadeusz Piotrowski

2nd Memorial of Tadeusz Piotrowski

7/8 October in Małe Dolomity complex which is situated In Polish Jurassic Hucisko we held the 2nd Memorial of Tadeusz Piotrowski – „The beauty of the mountains”. Our main guest – as usual was the wife of Tadeusz Piotrowski – Danuta Piotrowska. Mrs Piotrowska, together with Mountain Foundation ECHO is one of the initiators of the event.


Cecilie Skog – a Norwegian attitude toward highest mountains

Cecile Skog / fot. Bergans.com

Cecilie Skog was born in 1974 in Alesund. In the past she was working as a nurse and a mountain guide. In our country her name is not very popular but it doesn’t mean that she isn’t famous around the world. In fact, she is one of the most well-known travelers and she has achieved a lot in the subject of alpinism and polar exploring. Her admiration for the nature and hiking is one of the main pillars of Cecilie’s life.


Carlos Carsolio - Interview for Mountain Portal

Carlos Carsolio

When was the last time you were in Poland? How long ago? Was it some event or a social occasion?

It was in 1989, you had communism then. It was just a meeting with my friends. Then, after Wanda died I was in Austria giving some interviews about her death. There was a program called Landenberg (the land of the mountains).


DMM – a tradition over everything else!


There is a place in Europe where there are more sheep than people and time is ticking away much more slowly than in my country. In the kingdom of Wales, in its north-west part Snowdonia - one of the most beautiful areas, a unique national park visited by few million tourists every year – is situated.


Bergans of Norway with its first brand stall in Poland

first brand stall in Poland

Mountain Shop in Czeladź would like to invite you all to the first in Poland showroom to present the latest collections of the brand Bergans of Norway. Now, Bergans’s products can be found, seen, touched, tried on, loved and bought in one place. The combination of wooden elements with blue color of the walls gives the room a little bit of a Norwegian style. And the colors of products entirely and perfectly match the surrounding.


Kayland and Bergans with Ryszard Pawłowski in the Himalayas

Kayland and Bergans with Ryszard Pawłowski in the Himalayas

Throughout the last years the outdoor market in our country has reborn. It is connected to the appearance of more and more latest collections of the world class producers of garment and equipment. Not long ago we had opportunity to inform you about the collaboration of a Polish Himalayan climber Ryszard Pawłowski with two foreign brands – Kayland and Bergans of Norway.


VII Open Climbing Days – a report

Open Climbing Days

As every year, from the initiative of ECHO Mountain Foundation fans of mountains and mountaineering came to celebrate VII Open Climbing Days.  Co-organizer of the event were Małe Dolomity complex and Mountain Portal.  There weren’t as many people as on other popular festivals but you cannot treat that as a fault. The event has its own special character and unique atmosphere.


Lasting – Czech socks on the highest level

skarpety lasting

Lasting company appeared in 1991 in Czechoslovakia. It happened because of the initiative of the group of experts in the subject of development and materials to produce functional underwear, but above all – high quality outdoor, sport or even hunting socks. Lasting exports its products to over 50 countries all over the world. In some countries the customers are national institutes or the army. The company is trusted by clients from around the world thanks to the production of high quality goods 100% made in Czech Republic.


VII Open Climbing Days on 27th/28th May is coming!

Climbing Days

VIIth edition of Open Climbing Days is coming! At the weekend of 27th/28th May in Małe Dolomity complex in Hucisko situated in Polish Jura and on behalf of Mountain Foundation ECHO we will host great personalities of mountaineering world. We will be honoured to welcome Carlos Carsolio whose presentation will take place on Sunday.